1996   Belinda Carlisle Ark   California Girls Gesang      
1996   Jan & Dean Capitol   When Summer Comes, Get a chance with you Gesang      
1997   The Wilsons Mercury   The Wilsons Gesang Produzent Komponist  
1997   Diverse Windham Hill   This isn´t love (Song without words) Komponist      
1997   Wilsons Mercury   The Wilsons* Produzent      
1998   Ringo Starr Mercury   Vertical Man  Brian - "Without Understanding" Gesang      
1998   Mom 3 Surf Dog   Little Deuce Coupe Komponist Gesang    
1998   Tammy Wynette Asylum   In my room Gesang Komponist Produzent  
2000   Jeffrey Foskett New Surf   Twelve And Twelve/"Everything I Need" Komponist Gesang    
2000   Anton Fig Planula   Figments/"Head On My Shoulder" Gesang      
2001   Nancy Sinatra Buena Vista   California Girl/"California Girls" Gesang      
2001   Wondermints Smile   Mind If We Make Love To You     Gesang      
2001   Richard Ashcroft Hut   "Nature Is The Law" Gesang      
2001   Styx Sanctuary   Fooling Yourself Gesang      
2002   Party at the palace Virgin   Good Vibrations, God only knows (Live) Gesang Komponist    
2004   Wilson Phillips Columbia   In my room Gesang      
2004   Mayor of Sunset Strip Sony   Rodney on the Roq Gesang Komponist Produzent  
2004   Scott Bennett Edgewise   No wrong notes in heaven Komponist Gesang    
2005   One World Project OWR   Grief Never Grows Old Gesang      
2006   Carnie Wilson Big3   You are so beautiful Gesang      
2006   Spongebob Nick   Doin the Krabby Patty Gesang Komponist    
2006   Songebob     Rodney on the Roq Gesang Komponist    
2007   Taylor Mills Aqua Pulse   "Raven" & "Cradle Me" Gesang      
2007   Bill Medley Westlake   In my room Gesang      
2007   Diverse 180 Music   New Music from an Old Friend Gesang Komponist    
2007   Arctic Tales Bulletproof Records   Live let Live Gesang Komponist Produzent  
2007   Neil Diamond Columbia   "Delirious Love" Gesang      
2008   Steve Kalinich Light In The Attic   A World Of Peace Must Come Produzent